Post and Panel Sign System

The HED-150 post and panel system contains a single panel that incorporates a beveled frame surround. This system has the same "picture frame" look as the HED-100 but comes with the standard 2-1/4" square posts with a maximum post size of 20 square feet or panel size of 48" x 60", making it a more economical version of the HED-100. The beveled frame assembly slides into our slotting 2-1/4" square mounting posts which carry the frame flush or with a 1/2" reveal. Post caps and concealed locking squares hold the frame securely in place.


Often Used For

  • Directional Signage
  • Parking Signage
  • Regulatory Signage
  • Secondary Site Identification

Customizable to Fit Your Signage Needs

The HED-150 system is available in double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount configurations. Often, the HED-150 system is used as the "header" sign with E-Z Change Wordbars mounted directly below, allowing for future copy changes to multiple listings. All stock material finish is off-the-shelf primer white or take advantage of our color matching capabilities and/or custom color options.

hed 150 featured
Tech Specs
Post and Post Caps

HED-150 Technical Detail

  1. Standard 2-1/4" square post
  2. Post slot offers optional flush or 1/2" reveal
  3. Injection molded post cap
  4. Corner key
  5. HED-150 top/bottom frame
  6. .80 Aluminum message panel
  7. HED-150 mounting frame
  8. Locking square with set screw

Popular Sign Tops

Max Size:
48" x 60"

Mounting Options:
Double Post
Center Post

Decorative Post Caps