Signage for the Healthcare Environment

Our Patient Focused signage helps provide such care by enhancing hospital staff communication and reducing safety risks with custom communicative icons. We offer ADA compliant room identification signage that unites vital patient information as well as Isolation and Precaution Inserts.

Like our other interior signage lines, our Patient Focused signage can be customized to any facility's requirements and preferences. Choose from our extruded aluminum frame or acrylic Patient Focused signage options.

Both versions offer paper insert capabilities and can be customized to suit individual healthcare facility needs.

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Tech Specs

Patient Focused System Fundamentals

  1. 8.5" HID System
  2. Standard Insert
  3. Standard Tabs
  4. 6" Acrylic System
  5. Mini Insert
  6. Mini Tabs

Standard Tabs:
2.125" H x 5.25" W
Paper Insert = 2" H x 3" W

Mini Tabs:
2.125" H x 4" W
Paper Insert = 2" H x 2" W