Acrylic Displays

Presentation is Everything

Achieve bold, contemporary signage designs with our variety of acrylic signage mounting hardware options.

  • Ceiling Suspension Mount
  • Projection Mount
  • Standard or Custom Mounting Hardware Available
  • 40+ Acrylic Color Library
  • Custom Solvent Inkjet Printed Textures Available

Countless Ways to Display Custom Messages

Offering the same convenience of our HID paper insert system, our acrylic signage can be designed to hold changeable paper or clear mylar inserts. Customize room identification signage with occupant names, display evacuation maps or direct visitors with easily alterable wayfinding directions.

Work closely with one of our representatives to design a custom paper insert acrylic sign for your most particular of clients or choose from one of our five Standard Acrylic Sign Series which offer standard paper insert signage options.

End users can easily update sign messages instantly with acrylic changeable insert signage offerings.


Next Day ADA: Fast doesn't have to be boring!

Where you can get acrylic signs with custom printed colors, graphics and logos, or even custom shapes, all complete with ADA compliant tactile and braille shipped in 24 hours!

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Tech Specs
Material Options

Acrylic System Fundamentals

  1. Acrylic Panel
  2. Pictogram
  3. Tactile and Braille