Channel Letters

Our channel letters are manufactured in-house to meet your specifications and design using our automated equipment and quality materials. From design to manufacturing, Howard Industries has the expertise and innovative techniques to ensure your channel letter project is a success. Our experienced sales staff can talk you through the many mounting and illumination options.

LED Illuminated Channel Letters

Our channel letters use LED illumination to ensure efficient, reliable operation, and to make sure your client's brand identity stands out. Available internally illuminated or backlit, we can customize the illumination to best fit the unique requirements of your project.

Channel Letter Raceway Extrusion

Our all-aluminum channel letter raceway extrusion system includes everything you need to mount channel letters in one package. The 12' raceway extrusion includes a full-length hinging cover, (2) end caps and (6) moveable mounting clips. The mounting clips can slide to the left or right and are located on both the top and bottom of the raceway. The clips allow for flexibility during installation when trying to hit those mortar joints.

Often Used For

  • Primary Site Identification
  • Secondary Site Identification
  • Brand Recognition
channel letters geisinger
Tech Specs

Front Lit Channel Letter Technical Detail

  1. 1/8" Acrylic Face
  2. White LED Lighting
  3. 1" Trim Cap
  4. 3" Fabricated Returns

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Technical Detail

  1. Polycarbonate Mounting Tabs
  2. Threaded Rods for Mounting to Wall Surface and Letter
  3. .100" Aluminum Face
  4. Electrical Whip
  5. .08" Aluminum Return
  6. Mounting Screws for Back Panel
  7. LED Lighting
  8. Clear Polycarbonate Back Panel

Channel Letter Raceway Includes

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raceway extrusion

(1) 12’ Raceway Extrusion

hingeable raceway

(1) 12’ Hingeable Raceway Cover

end cap

(2) Mill Finish Aluminum End caps

mounting clips v2

(6) Mounting Clips (Installed on Top and Bottom and can Slide Left or Right)