HID Wilderness

Building Directory for the Outdoors

Howard Industries has come up with the perfect solution for a changeable exterior building directory with a slim profile. Comprised all of aluminum, the HID Wilderness directory is a great accent for any building entry. Graphics can easily be applied with vinyl or take the 1/8" aluminum panels strait over to a flatbed printer. Panels can be designed in a variety of different heights, with the minimum being 1" and maximum horizontal dimension of 24".

Installation of the HID Wilderness directory is also a breeze with pre-drilled mounting holes. These holes can be accessed by easily removing the top aluminum cap, using the provided thumb screws. To achieve the slim profile, the HID Wilderness exterior directory will also sport the new HID-TR extrusion, which will allow the directory to have a flush mount to the wall surface.

Customize the HID Wilderness directory to meet your needs. Choose to use the standard anodized extrusion, or paint it any color under the sun. With the changeable panels, you can easily keep up with all the building updates.

HID W Corewell Health Resized v2