DSS-125 or DSS-125 with Changeable Panels

Beveled Frame Wall Mount Signage

The DSS-125 is designed for vandal resistant, non-illuminated, wall mounted signage for interior and exterior site identification and directional applications. They are an ideal choice for parking facilities, hospitals, airports, universities and business/industrial complexes. There is also an option to add changeable panels of various heights to accommodate multi-tenant facilities. The changeable panels are stacked within the standard DSS beveled frame, creating the perfect option for changeability. All stock material finish is off-the-shelf primer white or take advantage of our color matching capabilities and/or custom color options.

Clean and Professional

DSS signs are installed from the interior of the sign structure for a clean professional appearance and optimum vandal resistance. The sign frame locks together with corner keys and once it is secured to the wall surface, the message panel is installed, concealing the fasteners. This approach makes DSS signs a viable choice in high traffic, low security areas.

Often Used For

  • Primary Site Identification
  • Directional Signage
  • Secondary Site Identification
  • Tenant Listing
dss125 wvu
Tech Specs
Changeable Panel

DSS-125 Technical Detail

  1. Concealed fasteners
  2. .050”/.080” standard aluminum panel. Frame can be made to allow 3-4 mm ACM panels upon request.
  3. Aluminum frame
  4. Corner key

Max Size:
48" x 180"

Mounting Options:
Wall Mount

Changeable Panel Technical Detail

  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. Concealed Fasteners
  3. Corner Keys
  4. Changeable Panels